Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rozen Maiden

Salam! Ohayo Ghozaimas! Review kembali lagi! hehe.. hari ni Kin nak review kisah Rozen Maiden! jom kita baca Plot dia! :

Plot :

The plot revolves around Jun Sakurada, a junior high school student who refuses to go back to school after being traumatized by an embarrassing experience. Since then, he avoids leaving his house and spends the day ordering goods online and returning them before the grace period ends. When Jun receives a letterclaiming he has won a prize and must follow certain instructions to obtain it, he becomes skeptical, but follows the instructions. Soon after, the letter vanishes and a wood case appears in his room. Inside the box is a very realistic doll which, after being wound, starts moving on its own and introduces herself asShinku, the fifth doll of the Rozen Maiden series.

In the following, Jun becomes Shinku's "medium", a human host that provides the doll with his own life energy, allowing her to walk and use magic. This bond is symbolized by a ring worn by both parties. Now, Jun and Shinku must participate in the "Alice Game", a competition between the Rozen Maiden dolls to capture each other's "Rosa Mystica", their primary life source. Once a doll is defeated in combat, she loses her Rosa Mystica to the opponent, and becomes an inanimate doll. The last doll who remains standing wins the Alice Game, will become a girl of utmost beauty and purity named "Alice", just as their creator Rozen wanted.

In the first season of the anime, the main antagonist was Suigintou but was destroyed by a team effort led by Shinku. In the second season of the animeRozen Maiden: Träumend, Shinku, Jun, and the other dolls, meet two additional Rozen Maidens: Barasuishou and Kanaria. Suigintou reappears, as she is resurrected by Rozen himself, and this time she has a "medium", an ill girl named Megu. With all the seven dolls awoken, the "Alice Game" grows near to its conclusion. Adding to the mystery of Rozen, there is also Enju and Shirosaki, who operate their own doll shop, and the strange Laplace's Demon, who appears during battles talking in riddles. In the last episode, Barasuishou successfully defeats the other dolls. However, she was revealed to be Enju's creation and not a true Rozen Maiden. She was destroyed when she was unable to contain the "Rosa Mystica" of the other dolls. The series ends unresolved as Rozen appears at the last minute, restoring the life of his dolls, except for Hinaichigo and Souseiseki and with Kirakishou, the real seventh Rozen Maiden, making a brief appearance.

Okay! Macam mana? paham tak? hehe.. okaylah jgak citer ni, 80 % markah untuk citer ni! well, Ain dah tanak cakap banyak! Ain nak pergi tengok citer dia plak ni! SALAM!


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